9" Replacement Crock Sticks - Seconds


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Enjoy deep discounts on slightly used or discontinued crock sticks.  "Seconds" are products that have either been used or returned for whatever reason but are still perfectly good.  We can't sell them as new but they will all function as new.  We clean them up if needed and you get a discounted product.  Please note that these are not returnable and may have some markings on them.  But be assured these are in perfect working order! 

Some items have also been discontinued like our 9" Grey Medium grit rods for the V series sharpeners.  These may have small flaws but have not been used.  Please note that these sticks are slightly smaller in diameter than our current ones.  These will still work perfectly well on our current full size V Sharpeners but will be a little loose in the holes.  This does not effect sharpening angles in any significant way over the length of the rod.

All crock sticks are sold two per package.

Check back often for updates on inventory.